Two more quick poems. Theses were also done in response to the titles as prompts for the subject of a poem.


Colors dance and mingle in the sky
signaling the change of day
Peace rains over the earth
As the world settles down for the evening.

Children of the night awake
singing the beautiful but haunting
song of the night to me and everything
around us in the coming night.

The light of the moon slowly
becomes enough for the world top see by
as the hunters gather and others sleep
nature takes over as man retreats.


Silver shimmers coat the Earth
Hiding the damage done by man.
Wonder reclaimes the world.

Forests grow in the shadow
Expand to cover the trails
Which fade into winding memories.

Animals rejoice, free again.
Seeking food shelter and love
as we hide away from the darkness.

The moon is a gentle mistress
Granting shadow and light
Hiding and revealing the Earth.

This world of mystery
Will only last till morning
Then the sun will reclaim it all.
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