Early Book Review: Builders by Reina Ollivier, Karel Claes, Steffie Padmos

Builders, written by Reina Ollivier and Karel Claes and illustrated by Steffie Padmos, is currently scheduled for release on August 11 2020. Just like people, animals need a place to live. The nine animals in this book are very talented builders and make their own homes. Readers can learn about the amazing beaver, cross spider, sociable weaver, termite, stork, meerkat, honeybee, Japanese puffer fish, and mole.
Builders is a well written book that clearly explains the basic information these nine animals and their homes. It does not go into great depth of detail, but gives enough information to give readers a good understanding of the animals. I really enjoyed the illustrations. I thought they were done with great skill, and offered details and visual interest to the read. This book offers readers exactly what it promises and just might trigger greater interest and curiosity in readers, inspiring them to research and read further on their own. 

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