Early Book Review: Mermin: Out of Water by Joey Weiser

Mermin; Out of Water (Volume 1) is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Joey Weiser. It is suitable for all ages, which is scheduled for release on February 20 2013. Mermin is a fish like boy seeking to escape his oceanic home. Pete and his friends find him on shore, and bring him home. Mermin gets to experience somethings for the first time, like baths and going to school, while everyone on land is just curious as to what he might be running from. When fishy pursuers make it clear that will do anything to capture him and return him to the sea, Mermin will risk everything to save his new friends.

Mermin the merman from Mer might be a character with an unimaginable title, but the graphic novel was a cute read. The artwork, story, and action are interesting to all ages. A fun 'fish out of water' (ha!) story that does not talk down to younger readers but still manages to be complex and layered enough that older children, teens, and adults can enjoy it as well. I had a few chuckle worthy moments, and enjoyed the lengths Merimin, a fish boy, would go to in order to avoid the water. Like the secondary characters in the story, I look forward to discovering the full story as to why Mermin left, although I am fairly confident that I know who his father is and have some ideas on the reasons behind his running.

This hardcover edition of Mermin gathers the mini comics that Weiser self published a few years ago. I know I missed out on the story the first go-round, but am glad to rectify that lacking here. I recommend this graphic novel to readers of all ages that like a story with charm, wit, and action that does not cross the line into gore or excessive violence.

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